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Wine Storage, Cabinets, Cellar Conditioners and Racking...

Wine Cabinets
EuroCave, creator of wine cabinets and cellars, offers long term, premium solutions for wine preservation and service that respect the winemaker’s intentions and enable faithful communication of these same intentions to demanding and discerning consumers.

We work alongside expert sommeliers who help us produce the very best wine maturing, storage and serving products for your enjoyment: protecting wine from light, offering a constant temperature for maturing wine, ensuring the ongoing circulation of fresh air, preserving wine thanks to stable humidity levels, eliminating vibration and providing wine with the serenity it needs to mature.

Discover our Inoa Cellar Conditioners
EuroCave Inoa Conditioners can transform any type of correctly insulated room into a functioning wine cellar. By continuously circulating cold air around the bottles it maintains the perfect cellar environment. The INOA heats as well as cools. The volume of the cellar must be more than 10m3. The information published in boxes 1 - 4 should read read by the installer prior to placing an order for an INOA.

Discover our cellar storage systems
Create a wine storage area in your cellar with beech folding racks, store your bottles directly in their cases, assemble steel modules for a contemporary feel, or create a customised wine storage unit in solid oak.

EuroCave's wine storage systems for natural cellars are suited to the layout of your cellar and almost tailor-made.

Please note all our racking systems are supplied flat-packed for self-assembly.

Exclusive offer for a limited time only: 15% off a cabinet of your choice.

Monday 16th October - 26th November

EuroCave UK
57 Chiltern Street,
London, W1U 6ND

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 6pm,
Saturday 11am - 5pm

Telephone: 020 7935 4679

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