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JF Tobias

JF Tobias

Free Fine Wine Valuations and Quotations...

Value, Sell and Buy Wine Online with JF Tobias

At JF Tobias, we want to make the process of selling fine wine the simplest, easiest, and best it can be. In an industry sorely lacking in transparency, we want to do better.

Whether your wine is stored in bond, or held privately, we will take care of everything. We cover all costs, from logistics, collection and insurance, to producing a condition report. You can be confident that the price quoted will be exactly the amount you receive.

We think this is a much more transparent way of doing things. For the same reason, we'll keep you up to date throughout the whole process.

When it comes to selling your fine wine, thanks to our international client base and global reach, we will always ensure you achieve the quickest sale and highest possible price available on the market.

Whilst many merchants will only use Liv-Ex (a fine wine trading platform), we use technology to match wines with our clients, so that you will always receive the highest price.

We honestly think we can't be beaten when it comes to selling your wine, to the right person, for the right amount — with a process that is the the simplest in the industry, and a service that is the best in the industry.

Receive Live Market Prices and a Full Online Quotation for your Fine Wine Collection in just a few minutes.

  • In 3 Simple Steps Receive an Online Wine Valuation & Quotation
  •  A FREE Service with NO Obligation to Sell Wine Online
  •  Quotations Display the Final Amount You Will Receive
  •  Low Commissions, No Hidden Fees & All Costs Covered by JF Tobias
  •  5-Star Rating on Trustpilot for our Process and Service

For more information, please visit our website, email, or call 020 3384 1155.

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