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Sussex Tweed

Sussex Tweed

...not ‘Beautifully British’, but Actually British!

From the very beginning, the Sussex Tweed ethos has been to make their hats completely British, and to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. Everything is sourced in the UK, is made entirely here, and that is a pattern that is set to intensify.

There are currently seven different cap styles in the carefully-curated range, including Limited Edition designs in hand-woven Sussex Tweeds and Ulster linens, plus hats for women and children and accessories including the most stylish face-masks you can buy.

The company are the only UK capmaker to use leather sweatbands in their construction, meaning a better-fitting and more comfortable hat that’s made to last, and to be forever stylish. Sussex Tweed, not ‘Beautifully British’, but Actually British!

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